Traditional Thai Massage in Marbella

Time out from daily stress through .Traditional Thai Massage art of healing

  • Deep relaxation
  • Stress alleviation
  • Give a new energy and revitalizes
  • Better posture
  • Better blood circulation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduced tension of muscles

Traditional Thai Massage releases powerful healing forces that ease pain and stress and harmonizes the energies of body and mind.

A Traditional Thai Massage treatment will last between one hour (for a part body massage focusing on one particular problem area), and two hours for a full body massage.

Thai Aroma Therapy Massage

Relaxes the whole body
Loosens tight muscles
Relieves tired, aching muscles
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Reduces chronic pain
Calms the nervous system
Lowers blood pressure
Increases the flow of blood and lymph
Improves skin tone
Speeds recovery from injuries and illness
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces tension headaches
Reduces mental stress
Improves concentration
Promotes better sleep
Calms bad temper
Induces mental relaxation
Provides a feeling of well-being
Reduces anxiety

Thai Massage for a part body massage focusing on one particular problem area

A Thai massage treatment is ideal for deep relaxation, release from stress, and maximum flexibility as well as to increase the level of health, well-being, and vitality. The many therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage are appropriate for everyone.

Thai massage increases the range of motion and relieves pain and muscle tension. The technique can be particularly helpful for headaches, migraines, arthritis, whiplash, paralysis, numbness, sciatica, and back pain. Thai Massage also helps to strengthen and rejuvenate the body, improve circulation of blood and lymph, heighten the ability to absorb nutrients, increase flexibility, and generally improve the feeling of well being

Foot massage

It is a massage of the lower legs and feet that involves hands on stretching and massage to "open" Sen (energy) Lines, along with the use of a stick to stimulate the reflex points on the feet which correspond to the internal organs of the body. Thai Foot Massage stimulates these points to promotegeneral health and well-being.

  • Improved circulation and toxin removal.
  • Stimulated lymphatic drainage and immune system boost.
  • Reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.
  • Accelerated physical healing.
  • Stress relief.